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Bosch 550CC Injectors

Our working partner (Mynes Performance) was the company that brought the Bosch 550cc injectors to the MINI R53 world back

FA53 Tuning “Package B” (with CRM) for the Mini R53

This Package include the following items: FullAccess (FA53) Self Tuning kit (for one vehicle) Set of (4) Bosch 550cc Injectors

GPR Performance Tensioner (for Sprintex S5-210)


 The GPR Performance Tensioner is designed specifically for the MINI R53 Spritnex S5-210 Supercharger upgrade in order to deliver better performance and better reliability. With this GPR Tensioner, you won't have to worry about leaky fluid from the Sprintex damper.

Offering :

  • Two-piece CNC Tensioner Body
  • Spring with belt gauge
  • All bolts and washers needed to install.
  • One safety STOP wire
  • Prevents belt slippage at higher RPMs
  • Versions 2 with one piece arm joint utilizing 2 high quality ball bearings
NOTE: The OEM damper "black damper" from the stock belt tensioner is not included with this package. You must transfer the OEM damper over to this tensioner in order for it to be fully functional. 

Innovate MTX AFR Kit with serial patch cable

*Package price, applies only for those buying FA53 Tuning kit.